Magazine Bans

Magazine Bans

NAGR’s Position: Strongly Oppose

Gun control advocates would have you believe that magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds are only used by intent on killing or injuring innocent people. The truth is that most criminals use small, cheap, concealable firearms that have lower capacity magazines or no magazines at all.

All too often these criminals break into homes in groups of two or more putting the homeowner at a numerical disadvantage. In this situation having a higher capacity magazine helps the law-abiding citizen level the playing field.

Hollywood movies would have you believe that one shot stops the bad guy.

The truth is it often takes multiple rounds to stop an attacker. Which is why law enforcement officers almost universally use magazines with capacities of 15 rounds or more. Gun owners should be afforded the same resources as those officers.

Anti-gun politicians often argue this legislation will stop mass shootings, however, limiting magazine capacity will not hinder a mass shooter who has the luxury of planning and preparation. The use of multiple firearms and multiple low capacity magazines has been employed to deadly effect in the past.

With the exception of extremely rare examples, the momentary delay of changing magazines has not impacted the outcome of those events (people generally run away from a shooter, giving them all the time they need to change magazines.) What has made the difference in mass shooting events is the presence of either law enforcement or a gun owner willing to challenge the attacker.

The National Association for Gun Rights OPPOSES all attempts by local, state, and federal governments to limit, or ban magazine capacity.

Magazine bans are unconstitutional, unnecessary, and hurt law-abiding citizens.

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