Dudley Brown

Dustin Curtis

Director, State Affairs

Dustin has dedicated his professional career to giving conservative organizations and candidates an advantage in a political environment that is often hostile to principles such as limited government, free speech, protecting the preborn, and the right to bear arms.

Prior to joining the National Association for Gun Rights, Dustin’s extensive experience in building grassroots organizations up to run effective legislative programs has earned his team & his clients a local, statewide, and nationwide reputation for effectiveness in defeating bad bills in politically hostile environments and breaking through gridlock to pass even the most controversial of legislation.

Over the past fourteen years, Dustin’s experience includes direct mail & email marketing, political elections, and legislative campaigns with more than 24 different candidates and organizations.

Dustin believes the old adage that “personnel is policy.” Naturally, his passion is to train and promote activists who are as committed to principle as the people and organizations for whom they dedicate their time to working or volunteering.