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NAGR Position
Bill Number
Support S.Res.204 Sen. Paul, Rand
Unsigning UN Small Arms Treaty Senate Foreign Relations 5/13/2019
Oppose S. 7 Sen. Rubio, Marco
"Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Senate Judiciary 1/3/2019
Oppose H.R. 8 Rep. Thompson, Mike
Universal Gun Registration Passed House-on to Senate 1/8/2019
Oppose S. 66 Sen. Feinstein, Dianne
Semi-auto ban
(so-called "assault weapons" ban)
Senate Judiciary 1/10/2019
Oppose H.R 33 Rep. Rush, Bobby L.
Firearm Sales Regulations House Judiciary 1/3/2019
Monitor H.R. 38 Rep. Hudson, Richard
National Reciprocity
(Federalized Concealed Carry Standards)
House Judiciary 1/3/2019
Oppose H.R. 49 Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila
Bureaucrat Oversight of Gun Sales House Judiciary 1/3/2019
Monitor H.R 155 Rep. Duncan, Jeff
Remove Suppressors from National Firearms Act. (but requires Brady registration) House Judiciary/House Ways and Means 1/3/2019
Oppose H.R. 167 Rep. Green, Al
Gun Show restrictions House Judiciary 1/3/2019
Support H.R. 175 Rep. Griffith, H. Morgan
Better laws protecting the transport of firearms House Judiciary 1/3/2019
Oppose H.R. 674 Rep. Maloney, Carolyn B.
Allows the CDC to advocate for gun control using taxpayer funds House Energy and Commerce 1/17/2019
Monitor S. 69 Sen. Cornyn, John
National Reciprocity
(Federalized Concealed Carry Standards)
Senate Judiciary 1/9/2019
Oppose H.R. 717 Rep. Brown, Anthony G.
Raise minimum age to buy semi-automatic rifles weapons House Judiciary 1/23/2019
Oppose H.R. 719 Rep. Brown, Anthony G.
Radical Ammunition Microstamping House Judiciary 1/23/2019
Support H.R. 775 Rep. King, Steve
SHUSH Act (Fully Deregulate Suppressors) House Ways and Means 1/24/2019
Oppose S. 120 Sen. Klobuchar, Amy
Misdemeanor gun ban expansion Senate Judiciary 1/15/2019
Oppose S. 184 Sen. Markey, Edward J.
Allows the CDC to advocate for gun control using taxpayer funds Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions 1/17/2019
Support S. 202 Sen. Lee, Mike
SHUSH Act (Fully Deregulate Suppressors) Senate  Finance 1/24/2019
Oppose H.R. 1112 Rep. Clyburn, James
Extends Waiting Periods  Passed House- on to Senate 2/8/2019
Oppose S.193 Sen. Blumenthal, Richard
Lock up your safety Senate Judiciary 1/18/2019
Oppose H.R. 569 Rep. Dingell, Debbie
"Red Flag" Gun Confiscation House Judiciary 1/15/2019
Oppose S. 506 Sen. Feinstein, Dianne
"Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Senate Judiciary 2/14/2019
Oppose H.R. 1671 Rep. Quigley, Mike
Prosecute Law Abiding Gun Buyers Act House Judiciary 3/11/2019
Oppose  H.R. 1745 Rep. Thompson, Mike
Misdemeanor Gun Ban Expansion House Judiciary 3/13/2019
Oppose H.R. 686 Rep. Watson Coleman, Bonnie
Online Ammo Sales Ban House Judiciary 1/17/2019
Oppose H.R. 1585 Rep. Bass, Karen
Disarming Women Act House Judiciary 3/7/2019
Support H.R. 3200


Rep. Massie, Thomas
Repeal "Gun-Free School Zones" House Judiciary 6/11/2019
Oppose H.R. 3285 Rep. Raskin, Jamie
National Gun Registration House Judiciary 6/13/2019
Oppose H.R. 3214 Rep. Schiff, Adam
Reckless Lawsuit and Gun Tracing Act House Judiciary 6/11/2019