Job Description:

National Association for Gun Rights’ Survey and Elections Specialist is responsible for working with the political staff and managing the bulk of NAGR’s state and federal survey program. Based out of NAGR’s headquarters in Loveland, Colorado this position exists to ensure public officials and candidates for office have an opportunity to fill out our public questionnaires designed to identify their positions on Second Amendment related issues. This position will focus heavily on research, managing print and mail projects, data entry, scanning, reporting returns, and political planning, with excellent attention to detail and the ability to make hard deadlines.

As Survey and Elections Specialist, the individual will work closely under the management of the Public Policy Manager and Political Operations Director, implementing their plans as well completing the work assigned to them.



At the end of the 2020 Election Cycle, this position may be eligible for full-time permanent hire as the Political Operations Specialist.

The job of Political Operations Specialist requires strong communications skills, self-management, ability to follow direct order, while executing multiple projects and meeting strict deadlines.  This includes aiding in bill tracking, PAC administrative work, and briefing senior staffers on legislative or elections projects.


Primary Duties:

The Survey and Elections Specialist is responsible for tracking and completing the day to day tasks in relation to sending out surveys, receiving surveys, speaking with candidates about their survey results, maintaining survey database, communicating survey results to senior NAGR staff, and conducting basic research on federal and state candidates.

The Survey and Elections Specialist must:

  • Lead NAGR’s 2020 Survey Program under the supervision of the Public Policy Manager and Political Operations Director
  • Assist with the NAGR Federal and State Survey program.
  • Be aware of the major Second Amendment battles and issues facing all three branches of the federal government, as well as major state level issues.
  • Produce planning documents, and make recommendations for the direction of political program.
  • Assist in managing the Federal or State Affairs calls (notetaking and reporting results).
  • Work directly with U.S. Postal Service.  
  • Write and distribute internal office memos regarding candidate research.
  • Use FACL based models for planning, preparing, acting and evaluating legislative battles.


Position Requirements:

  • Firm understanding of the legislative process, firearms terminology and gun rights issues.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, and strong attention to detail.
  • Must be able to speak on the phone and in-person with professional attitude and demeanor.
  • Understands and implements the principles taught by the Foundation for Conservative Leadership (FACL).
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and ability to quickly learn new software platforms unique to the job.
  • Comfortable and confident personality dealing with outside vendors and communications. Especially political candidates and elected officials.


Key Results Area:

  • Maintain, mail, receive, and log all 2020 state and federal surveys.
  • Write proficient research reports on 2020 state and federal candidates.
  • Report information, pertinent to the 2020 election cycle – especially in NAGR’s key states of interest.
  • Assist in communication and research projects related to federal or state projects. Assist with bill tracking as necessary.

Salary: $30,000 - $33,000/annually

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected].