Wednesday, 11 January 2017 13:58

Repeat offender commits his last crime

A convict recently released from prison was prowling around a neighborhood and spotted a house that appeared to have no one inside.

Thinking the house would make an easy target, he broke into the residence through a window.

However, the homeowner and his family returned before the criminal had finished his crime.

Upon entering the house, the homeowner immediately noticed things were out of place – but before he could act, the suspect attacked the homeowner with a baseball bat.

Not to be made a victim, the homeowner was armed, and used his firearm to fatally shoot the criminal.

Detectives believe the homeowner acted in self-defense and will press no charges. The criminal had an extensive history and had served jail time for armed robbery and carjacking.

Local news reports:

SARASOTA COUNTY -- A man fatally shot a home intruder when he was attacked by the burglar inside his own home after returning from out of town.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office says they were called the 2300 block of Constitution Blvd around 1:30 p.m. on reports of a shooting. After investigating, police say a man, identified as Glenn Edward Oliver, 30, forced his way in through a window while the family was out of town. When the homeowner and family returned, he noticed things were out of place and was then attacked by the suspect who then ran into a bedroom and grabbed a baseball bat. The homeowner used a firearm to shoot and kill the suspect.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:28

Kind businessman forced to defend family

In bright daylight a stranger walked up to a family-run BBQ stand and asked the owner for money.

The owner’s brother told the man to return the next day, offering him a job instead to earn some money.

But the stranger bristled and then began aggressively demanding money – “Give me all of it.”

Then the owner heard his son cry out, “Daddy, he got something chrome in his pocket!”

Fearing for his family’s life, the owner pulled out his .380 and fired one shot – fatally striking the suspect, who succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.

Investigators discovered an eight-inch metal spike in the man’s pocket. They are considering this an attempted robbery and have stated the owner acted in self-defense.

Local news reports:

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - Update: | Dec. 16.--The owner of Jordan's BBQ says he is heartbroken for the man who lost his life yesterday but that he had no choice but to protect his family.

“Pretty much everybody knows me in this community, I’ve been out here going on eleven years, and I won’t harm a fly,” he said.

But Jordan says he had no choice but to act on Thursday.

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Monday, 19 December 2016 14:47

Serial burglar shot by homeowner

When a home alarm went off around 6:30 am, the homeowner thought at first that it was just a mechanical error.

Then the alarm began ringing again, so the homeowner got out of bed to investigate – and found a suspect trying to break in through a window with a pair of bolt cutters.

In the confrontation with the suspect, the homeowner shot him in the abdomen. Authorities transported the criminal to a medical center for treatment.

Neighbors identified the suspect as a man who had broken into their homes multiple times. Police also found that he had previous criminal arrests.

Perhaps this time, the burglar will learn his lesson. American gun owners can and do protect their homes and their loved ones inside.

No charges will be filed against the homeowner.

Local news reports:

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami homeowner confronted a man trying to break into his home Tuesday morning.

Around 6:30 a.m., an alarm went off inside the home located near N. Miami Ave. and 42nd Street, prompting the homeowner and his girlfriend to wake up.

“Apparently, the alarm went off once. They thought it was routine. It went off again and they got up to investigate what was going on in the home,” said Yelitza Cedano with City of Miami Police.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 15:33

Store clerk kills robbery suspect

The clock was just ticking past midnight when a man wearing sunglasses stalked into a convenience store.

Alerted by the eyewear that was inappropriate for the late hour, the store clerk kept an eye on him.

Soon his suspicions proved valid when the man advanced towards the clerk, aimed a gun at him, and tried to rob the store.

But this clerk had a concealed carry permit, and he grabbed his own gun and shot the would-be robber.

Authorities found the suspect dead at the scene, with his loaded handgun lying next to him. The store’s surveillance camera captured the attempted robbery on tape. No charges have been filed against the clerk.

Local news reports:

A clerk shot and killed a man who pulled a gun on him during an attempted robbery at an Orange Park food store Saturday, deputies said.

Clay County deputies said the clerk at Prime Stop Food Store on Peoria Road was suspicious afte a man walked into the store wearing sunglasses around midnight.

Deputies said William Smith, 29, pulled out a gun and tried to rob the store.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 10:29

Homeowner shoots thief's getaway vehicle

Early one morning, a homeowner was rudely awakened by the sound of banging on his front door.

Suspicious, the homeowner got up and looked out the window, only to see a young male running back to a gray van parked in the driveway.

Then he saw the suspect open the van’s back door and remove an object before racing around the north side of the house.

Hearing several loud bangs from that side of the house, the homeowner grabbed his handgun, walked outside, and confronted the suspect.

The suspect threw a tire iron at the homeowner, but it missed, and then the suspect jumped into his van to flee the scene.

As the suspect began driving away, the victim fired at the van, striking one of the tires and deflating it. Police were able to nab the suspect in his vehicle close by.

Meanwhile, the victim discovered that the left-rear window of his truck had been smashed, but at least no property had been stolen. Authorities are charging the suspect with aggravated assault and burglary.

Local news reports:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A Coral Gables homeowner helped police capture a would-be burglar Wednesday when he shot the left-front tire of the suspect's van, authorities said.

The victim said he heard loud banging shortly before 7 a.m. on the front door of his home on Granada Boulevard.

When he looked out the window, he saw a man, identified as Eliades Serrano-Alvarez, 24, running back to a gray Honda van that was parked in his driveway.

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The danger started with a high-speed chase after a suspect flying down the highway around 120 mph. The chase lasted for at least three exits before the suspect pulled over.

But he wasn’t done yet – when the deputy approached, the suspect erupted into physical violence.

Overpowering the deputy, the suspect was viciously beating his victim when a driver with a concealed carry license arrived on the scene.

Exiting his vehicle, the concealed carrier instructed the suspect to stop beating the deputy, but when the suspect refused, the armed civilian shot the suspect three times.

The suspect succumbed to his wounds. The victimized deputy is expected to recover from his injuries.

Local news reports:

The Monday morning commute in Estero, Florida came to a standstill today after a suspect led police on a wild and deadly chase along southbound I -75.

One of those drivers who got caught up in the drama this morning was Rick Maestas. He spoke to WINK News this morning and had this to say about what he saw:

“There was a high-speed pursuit on the left shoulder when I got off the ramp…there was a man on top of another man …they were struggling for a little bit then I heard three shots…then the man who was sitting on top of the police officer fell to the side…the police officer got up, he was exhausted and laid back down, then help came.”

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Friday, 21 October 2016 11:23

Hurricane blows in midnight invader

When Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, this homeowner’s power went out. His wife and grandchildren were gone, and he was spending the night alone when he woke up to the menacing noise of breaking glass.

He instantly realized that the storm wasn’t breaking the glass, as the crunch-crunch of heavy footsteps on glass shards reached his ears.

Getting his revolver, this grandfather waited at the top of the stairs for the trespasser to appear.

When he came into view, the nightlight he was carrying revealed that this invader was big and burly.

“He came across my dining room and to the foot of my stairway. I had a revolver and fired at him twice,” the homeowner later told the media.

The two shots were enough to send the invader running.

The homeowner called the police, but they were unable to track down the fugitive. No charges were filed against the homeowner.

Local news reports:

MYRTLE BEACH, (WMBF) – Hurricane Matthew created the perfect storm for one would-be burglar, or so the suspect thought.

That was before the Myrtle Beach homeowner woke up and discovered the prowler.

“It was a strong guy, a big guy,” said Ben Hough as he looked at his broken door. “I wouldn't have been able to kick that out.”

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Friday, 07 October 2016 13:32

19-year-old woman shoots violent burglar

A young woman was spending an evening alone in her apartment when a thug broke down her front door.

Grabbing her handgun, she opened fire, striking him in the leg.

Limping, he ran off to meet his getaway driver, who took him to a medical facility.

Authorities soon tracked him down. He faces several charges, including battery and burglary, and a bail bond of $150,000.

No charges were filed against the young woman.

Local news reports:

A 21-year-old man who was shot by a woman during a home invasion in Jacksonville is facing several charges.

Police say Kyle Dashun Williams, 21, kicked down the door of an apartment and was shot by a 19-year-old woman who was alone inside.

It happened just after 6 p.m. Wednesday at The Park at Via Veneto in Regency.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016 10:29

Wal-Mart worker kills robbery suspect

A young Florida man was in for the shock of his life when he pulled in for his morning shift at Wal-Mart.

Before he could even leave his vehicle, an armed thug approached his window and sneered, “You know what this is, right? Give me everything.”

Unknown to this wannabe robber, this young man legally carries a gun, and knows how to use it.

Moments later, this young man pulled his gun and fatally shot the criminal, stopping him in his tracks.

Authorities were called and investigated the crime scene, covering the robber’s dead body with a tarp.

As a nearby resident remarked to local media, “It’s wonderful that he could protect himself, otherwise he’d be the one behind the tarp.”

Local news reports:

SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - Sunrise Police are investigating after, they said, a man shot and killed a subject in self-defense who tried to rob him in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart.

It all happened around 3:30 a.m., Wednesday morning, at a Wal-Mart located, at 3306 N. University Dr., in Sunrise.

According to officials, the man, who friends and family have identified as 28-year-old Wal-Mart employee Ervin Jones, fatally shot the subject.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016 10:11

Wife shoots and kills homicidal, arsonist husband

After this estranged husband was served divorce papers, he showed up at his wife’s new home, seeking revenge.

She told him to leave, but obviously, he had other plans. He had brought along rope, handcuffs, lighter fluid, and two loaded guns.

Tying her up, he seized her phone and impersonated her by texting her boyfriend and asking him to come over.

When the boyfriend arrived, he tried to call 911, but the husband opened fire, killing the boyfriend.

After beating his wife, the maniac proceeded to untie her, and began setting her home on fire.

Wrestling herself away, she got off one shot – killing him. Then she called authorities and escaped the burning house.

Officials found her home ablaze with the two dead bodies inside.

No charges will be filed against this woman. When 911 could not be dialed fast enough, she was saved through her right to defend herself with a firearm.

Local news reports:

JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - The Onslow County Sheriff and District Attorney released new information Wednesday on the double homicide in Onslow County. They said one of the men shot and killed his estranged wife's boyfriend and then she shot and killed her husband in self-defense.

Cody Smith, 33, of Richlands and Gregory Pearce, 43, of Jacksonville, were found dead inside a burning home located in the 1800 block of Haw Branch Road in Richlands on August 27.

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