In Harnett county North Carolina, a violent criminal’s night of mayhem was cut short by a citizen who refused to be a victim. 21 year old Raquan Moore sustained a gunshot wound following an evening of crime that had already placed one victim in the hospital with 4 gunshot wounds.

As reported by ABC Eyewitness 11:

“HARNETT COUNTY (WTVD) -- The Harnett County Sheriff's Office believes a man accused of a shooting Sunday night may be the victim of another shooting.

Deputies said they responded to Central Harnett Hospital just after 9 p.m. and learned that a shooting took place near 67 Ervin McNeil St. in the RNT Mobile Home Park in Bunnlevel.

Authorities said Robert Earl Gunn, 40, of Lillington suffered four gunshot wounds and was transferred to WakeMed.

He is in critical condition at this time, according to officials.

About 40 minutes after arriving at the hospital, deputies received a call reporting a burglary and shooting at 100 Loraine Ln. in Lillington.

The suspect, Raquan Moore, 21, of Lillington, had one gunshot wound, according to authorities.

Deputies have determined that the suspect in the shooting at Ervin McNeil St. was the person that had been shot at 100 Loraine Ln.”

In the end, he left one man in the hospital, before karma caught up with him.

Moore initially got on the police’s radar after committing a shooting, which left one man in the hospital with four gunshot wounds.

When he went off to commit a burglary less than an hour after, Moore’s night of rampage violence was cut short by an armed citizen who stood his ground. 

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On Monday evening in North Carolina, a woman was walking home from work. As she approached her apartment, she passed a bystander carrying a trash bag, and thought nothing of it.

But just when she unlocked her apartment door, the man she had passed by suddenly sprang into action, grabbing her from behind, and shoving her inside the apartment.

As he held her in a vise-like grip, she realized he also had a gun.

While this woman was struggling to break free from this dangerous thug, he began choking and gagging her, demanding money from his victim.

He violently forced the woman into her bedroom, where he tied her hands behind her back with a belt and wrapped a phone charger around her mouth.

But while the thug searched the apartment, she wriggled loose from her bonds and grabbed the gun that she kept on a Bible by her bed.

All it took was one shot to stop and kill the attacker.

Later, authorities would tell the would-be victim that the aggressor was a felon with multiple convictions for burglary and other crimes. Our right to keep and bear arms saved her life from a repeat offender.

No charges have been filed against this woman.

Local news reports:

WILMINGTON -- Just before 11 p.m. Monday Kay Dickinson pulled into the lot at Colonial Parke Apartments after work. With her keys and a drink in one hand, her cell phone with her father on the line in the other, she climbed the stairs to her home. On the landing she passed a man carrying a trash bag.

Just as she unlocked her door to her apartment, the man spun around, grabbed her from behind and shoved her inside. She could see he had a gun.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016 15:27

Neighbor fatally shoots knife attacker

A peaceful Sunday morning turned violent when a man began quarreling with a woman at her apartment.

As the fight intensified, they moved to the apartment parking lot. By then, the man had pulled a knife and began stabbing the woman.

The woman’s screams of pain alerted a neighbor in a nearby apartment, who raced outside, weapon in hand, to witness the ongoing assault.

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This neighbor opened fire, striking the attacker several times. The attacker instantly stopped stabbing the woman and ran back inside the apartment.

Authorities were called, and the attacker and the victim were transported for medical treatment.

While the attacker died of his injuries, his victim successfully underwent surgery for multiple stab wounds and is expected to recover.

The armed neighbor who saved her life is not in police custody and faces no charges.

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Local news reports:

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – A man was shot and killed by a neighbor while the man was attacking a woman in a domestic-related incident in Garner on Sunday morning, police say.

Just before 7 a.m., police were called to a home in the 1800 block of Spring Drive, Garner Police said in a statement.

Officers found three people at the scene, two of those were injured.

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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 15:55

Pizza Hut employee delivers more than dough


In the wee morning hours, a gang of three thugs broke into a Pizza Hut and attempted to rob the store at gunpoint.

But an employee inside was armed, and he shot back – fatally striking one invader, who died at the scene.

The other two panicked and ran away into the darkness.

Police were summoned to the crime scene, where they found the gun the deceased invader was carrying. They are still searching for the accomplices to the crime, whom they plan to arrest.

Pizza Hut is fully cooperating with the investigation.

Local news reports:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A west Charlotte Pizza Hut employee is on leave after shooting and killing a man police said was trying to rob the restaurant early Sunday morning.

Police identified the would-be thief as 28-year-old Michael Grace.

Investigators said that just before 1:40 a.m. three people tried to break into the Pizza Hut on Freedom Drive.

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It was late afternoon at a North Carolina gun shop when an employee noticed that two masked suspects were approaching the building.

He attempted to lock the entrance door, but the masked men reached it too soon, and forced their way in.

The employee drew his weapon and fired once at the suspects, sending them out the door in haste. The suspects jumped into a green sedan and drove away.

Local news reports:

WAKE COUNTY, NC (WTVD) — Wake County Sheriff’s Office investigators responded Tuesday to an attempted robbery call at an in-home business in the 600 block of Woodland Road in Wake County.

The call went out as a possible robbery with shots fired at Jim’s Gun Shop right on the Raleigh/Garner line close to Timber Drive.

It happened shortly after 4:30 p.m., Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. At the time of the incident, there was an employee and one customer in the shop. The employee noticed two suspects approaching with white masks on and attempted to shut and lock the entrance of the shop, the sheriff said.

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Two young teenage sisters were at home by themselves when three strangers showed up and began knocking on the front door.

The thirteen-year-old grabbed her dad’s rifle. When the suspects broke in through the back door, she pointed the rifle at them.

The burglars ran away without taking anything. Deputies are investigating whether the incident is related to other break-ins.

Local news reports:

SNOW CAMP, N.C. (WMFY) — A teenage girl is credited for scaring off intruders at her parents’ home with a rifle.

It happened on Lambe Road in Snow Camp around 12 p.m. Thursday.

Kirk Puckett, a spokesperson for the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, said two sisters, 12 and 13, were inside the home when they heard knocking on the front door.

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Late Friday evening, an armed suspect entered a convenience store, and aimed his gun at one of the employees.

Unbeknownst to him, another employee was armed, and he drew his gun and shot the would-be robber.

The suspect is in the hospital with serious injuries. Police are planning to file charges.

Local news reports:

LUMBERTON — A man police say was trying to rob a Lumberton convenience store Friday night was shot by a store employee during the attempt and is in a hospital fighting for his life.

Charges are expected to be filed against Franklin McLaurin once he recovers from his injuries, according to a statement from the Lumberton Police Department.

According to the statement, McLaurin went into A&B Mini Mart at about 10:58 p.m. Friday and pointed a handgun at one of the store’s employees. A second employee then shot McLaurin with a different handgun, the statement said.

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A judge is making headlines after explaining why he carries a gun.

He and his wife recently renewed their permits due to retribution against public servants who take part in convicting gang members.

Another judge in the area began carrying after his picture was found in the jail cell of a gang member he had convicted.

Threats against judges, prosectors, and public defenders in the Charlotte area are on the rise, and judges are taking steps to protect themselves.

Local news reports:

On Wednesday, Andrew Murray and his wife went to the sheriff’s department to renew their permits to carry concealed weapons.

The next day, the Mecklenburg district attorney drove to Raleigh to ask any legislator who would talk to him to approve better pay for his prosecutors.

The two trips were connected.

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This 71-year old North Carolina man was forced to defend himself and his home -- firing 3 shots at an intruder.

Local news reports:

A 71-year-old man said he didn’t have a choice after shooting a man who was breaking into his Hickory home Monday night.

He told Eyewitness News reporter Dave Faherty the shooting was instinct after he heard his sliding glass door get smashed in.

He first heard a knock at the front door, it was late so he didn’t answer it.

The about 10 to 15 minutes later, he heard the intruder trying to get in through the glass door in the rear of the home.

Tony Pitts said he was in his bed watching TV when he heard the sound of shattered glass.

"I'm disabled and somebody kicks the door in, I got to do something,” Pitts said. “I seen him coming in the door and standings over there and I shot him somewhere right here."

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A man in La Grange, NC was shocked to find 3 armed home invaders break into his home while he, his girlfriend and her 14-month-old baby were home. The woman rushed the baby to safety while the man fired his revolver at the 3 intruders, injuring one, sending them running for their lives.

Local news reports:

Deputies have now charged two men and have warrants out for a third after a home invasion where the victim opened fire.

Ryan Aytch, 19, of La Grange, and Dashawn Dail, 23, of Kinston, have both been charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and first degree burglary. They say Danny Lewis of Greenville will face similar charges when he's released from Vidant Medical Center.

Pitt County deputies say the three tried to rob a home on Paul Place in Grimesland Tuesday night, but one resident fought back.

Mary Johnson lives in the mobile home with her boyfriend, Nathaniel Rembert.

Johnson told WITN that she and Rembert, along with their 14-month-old, were in the living room when three men snapped open the locked screen door.

Johnson grabbed her son and ran to a back room, while she says Rembert managed to get his revolver and unloaded the weapon, firing six times.

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