Dear Fellow Patriot,

It’s happening AGAIN.

The gun grabbers are desperately searching for a way to ram their gun control agenda into law...

... and they think they’ve found a way to do it.

As usual, the most anti-gun entity in DC, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), is behind the plot.

Headed by Obama appointee Thomas E. Brandon, the ATF is pushing to ban firearms accessories WITHOUT Congress or President Trump’s sign-off.

To top it off, they are trying to avoid the mandatory public input period by making it as hard as possible for you to have any input!

It’s an outrageous attempt to stifle the First Amendment for the purpose of curtailing the Second.

The first accessory they are working to effectively ban is the “bump stock.”

But this is just the “low hanging fruit,” and they won’t stop there.

If they succeed, it will blow the door wide open for the anti-gun thugs at the ATF to ban every accessory they think they can get away with.

That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your petition DEMANDING the ATF abandon their Firearm Accessory Ban.

The ATF says they’re “seeking public comments” on whether or not they have the authority to do this.

But instead of actually seeking public input, the ATF is requiring that you jump through hoop after hoop, just to leave a comment.

That’s why your signed NAGR petition is VITAL.

We will FORCE the ATF to pay attention, despite their attempts to silence us all.

Please sign your petition to STOP the Firearms Accessory Ban right away!

We have already successfully stopped the ATF and other anti-gun Obama agencies in their schemes in the past.

You may remember back in 2015 when the ATF attempted to ban M855 (green tip) ammo.

During that fight, your National Association for Gun Rights delivered hundreds of thousands of petitions, OVER 90% of the public comments on the issue.

This tidal wave of YOUR petitions FORCED the ATF to back down, and they were NOT happy.

We did it again in 2016 when Obama’s Social Security Administration tried to strip over 4 million law-abiding Americans of their gun rights by bureaucratic fiat.

Once again, your National Association for Gun Rights delivered 250,000 petitions, swamping the “comment period.”

All this public attention forced the Administration to stall implementation until Trump won office.

And once again, the Obama-appointed bureaucrats were spitting mad.

Now they’ve come up with a dangerous scheme to start banning accessories, and to silence you in the process!

If they succeed in again circumventing Congress, this will cement a dangerous precedent for even more regulations being made by government bureaucrats.

If the ATF can get away with banning these firearm accessories, what’s to stop them from banning magazines, ammunition, or any other accessory?

And if they do succeed, it will allow a radically anti-gun future President, like extremist Elizabeth Warren, to justify even more restrictions through executive fiat.

That’s why it must be stopped NOW.

No government agency, especially ATF thugs, should have even more power to take away your God-given right to keep and bear arms!

And we should NEVER allow them to silence public input by making it too costly and time consuming.

So please join us in DEMANDING the ATF listen to the American people and abandon their Firearm Accessory Ban.

Unfortunately, a widespread ban of firearm accessories isn’t the only threat under the proposed rule.

As I’ve briefly explained above, the ATF is trying to discourage public comment by making it very hard to comment!

You are required to fill out a lengthy form and answer a questionnaire just to exercise your First Amendment rights!

That’s why it’s key that you fight back!

By signing NAGR’s petition to STOP the Firearms Accessory Ban, you will DEMAND to be heard.

We are going to hand-deliver every single petition to the ATF’s headquarters...

... with lawyers and a full media showdown if necessary.

That’s why a massive number of petitions is absolutely necessary.

So please join with me by signing your petition to STOP the Firearm Accessory Ban.

And once you’ve done that, please consider making a generous contribution to support our efforts.

Whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated, and will go straight to gathering even more petitions and delivering them to the ATF.

Whether that is $500, $1,000, or more, like a few generous folks have given us already, or even just $10 or $20, it will be greatly appreciated and used judiciously.

This fight is absolutely vital, and with your support, I’m confident that we will win.

Thank you for all that you do.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. The ATF is trying to unilaterally ban firearm accessories in a blatant violation of the Constitution.

This could set a dangerous precedent for massive new gun grabs and future anti-gun Presidents.

Even worse, the ATF is trying to shut down public comment by making it hard to comment.

You are required to fill out a lengthy form and answer a questionnaire just to exercise your First Amendment rights!

That’s why the National Association for Gun Rights is going around the ATF’s comment registry.

Please sign your petition to STOP the Firearm Accessory Ban.

NAGR will deliver your pro-gun petition, setting these Obama-era bureaucrats straight while safeguarding your information.

And once you’ve done that, please consider making a generous contribution to help us in this important fight.

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Windsor, CO – On Friday the National Association for Gun Rights delivered over 30,000 petitions to the White House after the fax machine line was reportedly severed.

These petitions, collected over the previous weekend, were signed by individual National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters, urging President Trump to immediately take action by fulfilling his pro-gun promises and undoing the great harm the Obama Administration inflicted on law-abiding gun owners.

“Throughout President Trump’s campaign, he promised to defend the Second Amendment, and now gun owners are urging him to come through on his promises,” said Dudley Brown, the group’s President. “Our members and supporters are using these petitions to send a message that we must have our Second Amendment rights restored.”


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Thursday, 10 November 2016 11:09

Deadline tonight!

Fellow Patriot,

It seems every ten minutes I am asked what the election of Donald Trump “means.”

The fact is for every time I’ve heard Donald Trump say something on gun rights that I’ve cheered, there’s been another time I’ve cringed in disbelief.

I appreciate he’s not a career politician who runs around with his tail tucked between his legs at the first sign of a reporter, but many past statements of supporting legislation like Obama’s “No Fly, No Guns” law and even the Feinstein gun ban are cause for concern.

And what if he starts to believe media lies that the American people want to see him put the lessons in his 1987 book, The Art of the Deal, into action?

So, for now, I am cautiously optimistic and ready to stand for the Second Amendment with President-elect Trump or, if necessary, against him.

But today I am frankly scared about what may happen next week in the “Lame Duck” session of Congress.

Now that President Obama’s anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, has gone down to defeat, he’s livid.

You see, Second Amendment supporters turned out in droves to defeat the most anti-gun presidential candidate in history.

And while Americans have made their flat-out rejection of the Obama/Clinton gun control agenda clear, Obama’s not done yet.

In fact, the battle for our Second Amendment is about to get even more heated.

You can be sure that President Obama will pull out all the stops in his last-ditch effort to ram through gun control during the “Lame Duck” session of Congress.

And it could begin with the ratification of Obama’s gun control crown jewel, the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty”...

...and culminate in the passage of the insidious “No Fly, No Guns” ban that we killed before Speaker of the House Paul Ryan even had the opportunity to bring it up for a vote.

Not to mention the confirmation of Obama’s rabidly anti-gun Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland.

Fellow Patriot, we simply cannot afford to tune out of politics; we must win this “Lame Duck” fight.

That’s why I’m asking you to please support our “Lame Duck Money Bomb” by clicking here and sending your most generous contribution by our deadline of midnight TONIGHT.

Please don’t delay.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights
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