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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:50

I have an announcement

Dear Fellow Patriot,

There is an all-out assault being waged against your National Association for Gun Rights in the courts.

Legal centers funded by George Soros are involved in cases in Montana, Colorado, and West Virginia that are designed to shut us down, or shut us up in order to block us from being able to talk about the voting records of gun-grabbing politicians.

But the only way we will win these cases is if we can raise the funds, because the reality is, legal cases like this are extremely expensive and time consuming.

That’s why I recently started a call to action asking for the support of National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters in our “Endorsement of Litigation” program.

You see, the more support I can get from good folks like you, the more far-reaching our legal counter-assault will be.

That’s why I set a deadline for myself and my staff, and reached out to you for help to raise the support and funds necessary.

Fellow Patriot, the deadline for meeting this goal was midnight on Friday.

But this isn’t the end, Fellow Patriot. I’ve made the decision to extend the deadline through Friday, July 7th.

You see, thanks to the generous contributions of some of NAGR’s best supporters, I can now offer you a special matching grant for this fundraising program.

Until we hit our new deadline on Friday, every donation you give will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the contribution of generous NAGR supporters, DOUBLING the impact of your gift!

This special extension means that if you haven’t yet had the chance, there’s still time to chip in -- and thanks to this special matching grant, you can do more than ever!

Even if you’ve already chipped in, I hope you’ll go the extra mile and make a second contribution to this vital program.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Please click here to chip in with a generous contribution of $10 or $20.

Fellow Patriot, your NAGR has a battle-proven plan that has worked in the past, but with so many legal threats being waged right now, and likely more to come, we need your support.

And that’s why it’s so important you take advantage of this special matching grant.

Every generous contribution you make will have twice the impact, Fellow Patriot.

But to make this work, I need your response by Friday.

Won’t you please chip in immediately before the deadline?

Gun grabbers like BILLIONAIRE George Soros know that it is unlikely they will gain progress federally with Donald Trump in the Presidency, so they are getting prepared for the future.

The truth is, the only thing that stopped them from passing radical gun control during the eight-year reign of Obama was you.

It was your calls, petitions, emails, donations that made the difference.

We put a microscope on Washington D.C., exposing every dirty trick they attempted.

They want to take us out of the equation, and make it virtually impossible for us to mention a politician’s voting record.

That’s why these legal battles are so important.

But without the full amount, I’m worried that our efforts won't be nearly as effective.

I cannot stress the necessity of this fund enough. Please contribute a generous donation of at least $10 today.

I know I can count on you.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights
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Thursday, 20 October 2016 15:44

What should I do?

Fellow Patriot,

If the gun grabbers have their way, this will be the last email you get from me.

The gun control crowd is pushing a national scheme to abolish the Second Amendment by gutting the First Amendment.

If they succeed, it will be ILLEGAL for groups like the National Association for Gun Rights to mention a candidate’s name before any election.

How in the world are we to expose a politician’s anti-gun record without mentioning their name?

Possibly even more troubling are their plans to force groups like NAGR to turn over a list of their contributors.

This would open up many generous Second Amendment supporters to political “retribution” from anti-gun politicians, resulting in a disastrous chilling effect on all political speech.

Let me make this clear: we will never under any circumstances roll over and give a heavy handed government bureaucrat your name.

But this has been the subject of numerous unconstitutional laws pushed across the country.

Rest assured, your National Association for Gun Rights has been fighting a number of these anti-free speech laws in court, but these fights are very expensive.

Just this year we have found ourselves in expensive court battles in Colorado and Montana, and we have taken a big hit on our funds in these battles.

For that reason, I need your help to decide how to proceed . . .

With the general election, a lame duck session of congress, and perhaps a Hillary Clinton presidency, money will get tight.

So I am looking for your input on where we should focus our resources moving forward.

I hope I can count on you to click here and tell me which of the following options your National Association for Gun Rights should pursue:

OPTION #1: Should I suspend all activities ahead of the November 8 election in hopes we can live to fight another day and magically avoid the legal attacks, which are very likely already in the works?

Frankly, it’s so late in the game, I’d likely have to be forced at gun point to even consider it -- especially with everything on the line in 2016.

OPTION #2: Should I continue with the National Association for Gun Rights’ plans to go “all-in” during these last few critical weeks -- and just allow the legal chips to fall where they may?

This virtually guarantees a legal assault, which I won’t have money to combat. Frankly, it’s digging our grave!

OPTION #3: Do I continue with all election year plans while preparing a massive legal counter-attack for the moment the gun grabbers’ assaults start?

There’s no doubt this is our best option “on paper.” But as I explained, there are no guarantees.

Not only that, but it just won’t be possible without a massive influx of funds.

If you choose “OPTION #3,” as I hope you will, please understand what that means.

Running our full election year, and lame duck program, along with continuing our current legal battles, will be expensive.

And quite frankly, won’t be possible unless NAGR supporters donate generously enough to fund this program.

So please consider making a contribution of $100 when you fill out your Legal Directive.

I know I’m asking a lot; it’s more than you’ve ever given before.

But continuing our full program is absolutely vital to the future of our First and Second Amendment rights.

But if that just isn’t possible for you right now, I understand.

But please at least consider giving $25 or even $10.

I will make sure that no matter what you give, it will be used judiciously in the most effective way possible.

With our rights at stake, there isn’t a moment to lose.

Thanks in advance for your support, Fellow Patriot.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

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Thursday, 29 September 2016 10:10

We're going to court

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Sit down, shut up, and don’t talk about anti-gun politicians’ records.

That’s the message anti-gun activists are sending to you and me.

It might shock you to hear that a legal battle in Colorado will have national implications on both our First and Second Amendment rights.

It’s no secret the gun grabbers have been trying for years to restrict our First Amendment rights in order to gut the Second Amendment.

This lawsuit, being pushed by a radical leftist group, would make it illegal for me to even mention a politicians name before ANY election.

If we disobeyed that unconstitutional order, we could see massive fines and even jail time for some of NAGR’s senior staff.

That’s why this fight is so important.

Our legal council was in Colorado yesterday to provide opening arguments, and will continue to fight tooth and nail to defeat this attack on our right to free speech.

I’m hoping you can help us fund the fight against the anti-gun statists we’re fighting against in Colorado.

This case could have a ripple effect, empowering other states to follow suit, going after us and other pro-freedom organizations.

That’s why we’re drawing our line in the sand now.

Please click here and consider making a generous contribution of $50.

I know I’m asking for a lot. In fact, it’s more than you’ve ever given us before. But this fight is just that important.

If that’s just not possible for you at this time, I’m hoping you can at least chip in $25 or $10.

We are immensely grateful for any contribution we receive.

And we will need every penny we receive to defeat this, and other litigation targeting gun owners.

You see, this is just one of the facets that the gun grabbers use in their anti-gun crusade.

It’s always some leftist front-group, likely funded by the likes of Michael Bloomberg and George Soros who bring up these lawsuits designed to drain our resources.

This is just one of the most dangerous ones I’ve been faced with.

The time politicians are most likely to hear your voice is when they’re seeking your vote during election time, and they know that . . .

So the anti-gunners are doing anything in their power to restrict groups like the National Association for Gun Rights from being able to talk to you.

If we win this lawsuit, it has the possibility to overturn dozens of anti-free speech laws on the books across the country.

But the gun grabbers won’t let that happen without a fight.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the developments in this case.

But in the meantime, I’m hoping you’ll make a generous contribution of $50, $25, or $10 without delay.

Thank you in advance for your support.

For Freedom

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 09:54

We're headed back to court

Dear Fellow Patriots,

We’re headed back to court.

I just received notification from our attorneys that the Federal Court of Appeals has granted our petition, and will hear oral arguments on May 3rd.

While I’d love to count this as a small victory, I know how high the stakes really are, and what a loss in court could mean heading into this year’s Presidential Election.

You see, our case aims right at the heart of the gun-grabbers’ attempts to seize the name and address of EVERY National Association for Gun Rights supporter in the country.

They know -- if you and I are successful -- their outrageous attempts to destroy the Second Amendment by GUTTING the First will be dead in the water.

They’ve already used every dirty legal trick in the book to drain our resources and prevent this case from ever reaching a courtroom!

So I expect an all-out showdown with the gun-grabbers in court in May, and I need to know if you are still with me.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action to sign your ENDORSEMENT OF LITIGATION empowering us to take this case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

As you may remember, your National Association for Gun Rights has been under legal assault at the hands of George Soros-backed anti-gun, left-wing groups for over a year now.

Claiming our efforts in exposing anti-gun politicians’ records in two states leading up to the 2014 elections were somehow ILLEGAL, gun-grabbers began DEMANDING the names and other personal information of ALL of our supporters.

Their goal is simple.

Knowing many politicians won’t vote to pass gun control for fear of backlash at the ballot box from gun owners, the gun-grabbers’ goal is to use bureaucratic red tape to seal our mouths shut during this year’s upcoming elections.

By dramatically expanding the definition of so-called “electioneering communications” both legislatively and through regulation, anti-gun politicians are issuing sweeping restrictions on virtually all communications that even mention a politician’s name.

That’s exactly what the states of Colorado and West Virginia have done.  But I ignored their unconstitutional statutes in 2014 and exposed the gun-grabbing politicians anyway.

Shortly following the 2014 elections, I began receiving legal notices from these states demanding I turn over the names of everyone who ever gave a dime to the National Association for Gun Rights’ legislative and citizen education programs to stuff in their giant government databases!

There’s no way I will comply with these outrageous demands.

Disclosing the names of our supporters could open them up to harassment and WORSE from anti-gun government officials seeking to intimidate their political enemies into silence.

Not only that, but it would hand the gun-grabbers a list of names of the most passionate Second Amendment supporters in the country.

What better way to start a National Gun Registry?

Of course, these are BIG reasons our Founders included protections on speech in the Constitution’s First Amendment in the first place.

But after watching their allies go down to defeat at the ballot box in 2014, I’m afraid many gun-grabbers believe the best way to wipe the Second Amendment off the books is to GUT the First Amendment.

In fact, immediately after complaints were filed against the National Association for Gun Rights, two notorious left-wing groups filed amicus briefs SUPPORTING DEMANDS we disclose confidential information about our supporters.

Both groups -- including the so-called “Campaign Legal Center” and “Democracy 21” -- have been funded to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars by anti-gun BILLIONAIRE George Soros and others.

Of course, Federal Courts have taken an extremely dim view of those who would try to trample political speech in recent years.

Knowing all of this, I have no doubt the Obama administration appointees are trying to do everything they can to stop this case from ever reaching a Federal Judge.

After all, a ruling in our favor could strike down and stop dozens of new anti-speech regulations politicians in BOTH parties are pushing all over the country!

So when my attorneys first filed this case, the Federal District Court rejected our request for an injunction claiming the case in Colorado was still “pending,” so it would be improper for them to take up our case.

My choices were to quickly settle in Colorado -- or spend months and tens of thousands of dollars fighting in state court just to hopefully one day reach federal court.

So I instructed our attorneys to settle that case and fight on in the Federal Courts.

But just a short time ago, our attorneys received word that the Federal District Court was once again rejecting our case, insisting we run the gamut of legal hurdles and exhaust the appeals process in Colorado even though the state level case was over!

My jaw dropped when I read this.  Essentially the Federal District Court is telling us we have no right to have our constitutional rights protected by the Federal Courts.  It’s a horrific misapplication of legal precedence!

That’s why we decided to fight on to the Court of Appeals.

All I can say is the gun-grabbers truly FEAR the National Association for Gun Rights’ legal case.

And they believe their assaults on political speech represent the best hope to finally destroy Second Amendment supporters, and clear the hurdles for massive new gun control schemes.

After all, politicians in BOTH parties love doing whatever they can to stamp out challenges and ensure their re-elections.

So today, new schemes cracking down on political speech are piling up in places like Minnesota, South Carolina, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico and even Arkansas.

If you and I can’t stop these cases, exposing anti-gun politicians’ records during critical election years will be like pulling teeth.

And if you and I can’t tell the TRUTH about politicians’ records, who will?

Our anti-gun national media?

We might as well send our Second Amendment to the shredder!

The stakes in this case couldn’t be higher.  That’s why I believe the recent denial of our case by the Federal Courts is meant to do two things:

FIRST It’s designed to drain the National Association for Gun Rights of precious resources during the critical 2016 election year.

State level court fights aren’t cheap. Even if you and I ultimately make it to Federal Court, I would literally drain our bank accounts just getting there.

SECOND It’s designed to ensure their assaults on political speech remain on the books, untouched throughout the 2016 elections.

That way the gun-grabbers will have the leg-up in their fight to install Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the White House and seize back control of the U.S. Senate.

That’s why I’ve told my attorneys we simply can’t go away quietly. We have to FIGHT BACK.

My attorneys quickly drafted our appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals, exposing the outrageous misapplication of precedence used by the Federal District Court to reject our case.

And just last week, we received word that the Court has agreed to hear oral arguments from both sides.

So now, friends, the fight is on.

I must be able to count on your support more than ever.

Won’t you please click here to sign your ENDORSEMENT OF LITIGATION immediately?

This case is going to be BIG.

If you and I win, it could mean the end of the gun-grabbers’ grand scheme to destroy the Second Amendment by GUTTING the First Amendment.

But if you and I lose, it will only embolden gun-grabbers to RAM even more of their speech regulation schemes into law.

The very survival of our Second Amendment could be at stake.

Of course, as I’ve already told you, fighting this out in Federal Court -- with the possibility that this could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court -- isn’t going to be cheap.

That’s why I need to hear from you right away.

With everything on the line, I ask you to please make your voice heard.

Will you stand with the National Association for Gun Rights during this critical fight?

If you do, please click here to sign the ENDORSEMENT OF LITIGATION I’ve prepared for you.

Secondly, I must ask for your financial support as well.

As I told you not long ago, I budgeted $250,000 for this legal fight.

But each delay and added legal hurdle only drives up the cost.

I know that’s all part of the gun-grabbers’ plan to turn the National Association for Gun Rights into a sitting duck before a judge ever hears our case.

I never run from a fight.

But if you still back these legal efforts, I must ask you to agree to your most generous contribution of $100 in addition to signing your ENDORSEMENT OF LITIGATION.

I know that’s a lot.  By my records, it’s more than you’ve ever given.  A good bit more, in fact.

But friends, I’ve explained just how critical this is.  I’ve explained the stakes.  I know you understand this is one fight we simply can’t afford to lose.

But if $100 is just too much, please agree to $50 or at least $25 right away.

My attorneys are preparing our oral argument as I write this.  So I must hear from you IMMEDIATELY.

Please sign your National Association for Gun Rights’ ENDORSEMENT OF LITIGATION, and return it to me along with your most generous gift of $100, $50 or at least $25 right away.

I’m anxiously awaiting your response.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

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