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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:50

I have an announcement

Dear Fellow Patriot,

There is an all-out assault being waged against your National Association for Gun Rights in the courts.

Legal centers funded by George Soros are involved in cases in Montana, Colorado, and West Virginia that are designed to shut us down, or shut us up in order to block us from being able to talk about the voting records of gun-grabbing politicians.

But the only way we will win these cases is if we can raise the funds, because the reality is, legal cases like this are extremely expensive and time consuming.

That’s why I recently started a call to action asking for the support of National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters in our “Endorsement of Litigation” program.

You see, the more support I can get from good folks like you, the more far-reaching our legal counter-assault will be.

That’s why I set a deadline for myself and my staff, and reached out to you for help to raise the support and funds necessary.

Fellow Patriot, the deadline for meeting this goal was midnight on Friday.

But this isn’t the end, Fellow Patriot. I’ve made the decision to extend the deadline through Friday, July 7th.

You see, thanks to the generous contributions of some of NAGR’s best supporters, I can now offer you a special matching grant for this fundraising program.

Until we hit our new deadline on Friday, every donation you give will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the contribution of generous NAGR supporters, DOUBLING the impact of your gift!

This special extension means that if you haven’t yet had the chance, there’s still time to chip in -- and thanks to this special matching grant, you can do more than ever!

Even if you’ve already chipped in, I hope you’ll go the extra mile and make a second contribution to this vital program.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Please click here to chip in with a generous contribution of $10 or $20.

Fellow Patriot, your NAGR has a battle-proven plan that has worked in the past, but with so many legal threats being waged right now, and likely more to come, we need your support.

And that’s why it’s so important you take advantage of this special matching grant.

Every generous contribution you make will have twice the impact, Fellow Patriot.

But to make this work, I need your response by Friday.

Won’t you please chip in immediately before the deadline?

Gun grabbers like BILLIONAIRE George Soros know that it is unlikely they will gain progress federally with Donald Trump in the Presidency, so they are getting prepared for the future.

The truth is, the only thing that stopped them from passing radical gun control during the eight-year reign of Obama was you.

It was your calls, petitions, emails, donations that made the difference.

We put a microscope on Washington D.C., exposing every dirty trick they attempted.

They want to take us out of the equation, and make it virtually impossible for us to mention a politician’s voting record.

That’s why these legal battles are so important.

But without the full amount, I’m worried that our efforts won't be nearly as effective.

I cannot stress the necessity of this fund enough. Please contribute a generous donation of at least $10 today.

I know I can count on you.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights
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Friday, 30 June 2017 16:58

Soros' suited thugs


Dear Fellow Patriot,

Rioting in our streets . . .

Burning down our cities . . .

Shooting our Representatives . . .

The violence of the far-left is escalating every single day, and I’m afraid it will likely only get worse.

And while the masked thugs throwing bricks through windows are bad enough, the suited thugs taking a knife to our First Amendment in secret may actually be even more dangerous to our liberty.

Those suited thugs, funded by BILLIONAIRE anti-gun extremist George Soros, and often American taxpayers, are the legal wing of the radical gun grabbers who are working tirelessly to shut down groups like the National Association for Gun Rights with expensive legal battles.

We are currently dealing with three of these legal assaults in Montana, Colorado, and West Virginia designed to shut down, or shut up your National Association for Gun Rights, especially during elections when politicians are listening most closely to the interests of gun owners.

They know that if they can shut groups like us down, or just shut us up, it will be much easier to pass radical gun control like the assault weapons bans that failed in the Obama era.

Just imagine an unaccountable Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House in 2018, or U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren in the White House in 2020 or 2024?

That’s why I must count on you to sign your “Endorsement of Litigation” in support of NAGR’s ongoing legal battles.

It doesn’t matter that your National Association for Gun Rights does nothing wrong or illegal.

It doesn’t matter that we play by the rules -- all while gun grabbers get away scot-free with everything from trying to steal elections through voter fraud, to secretly scheming with anti-gun media elites to SMEAR candidates they HATE.

In lawsuit after lawsuit, the left is demanding that I turn over the names, addresses, and other personal information on every single National Association for Gun Rights supporter.

To be clear, I will never comply with any demand to turn over any NAGR supporter’s name.

I’ve seen what happens when the radical left decides to get “retribution” against those who disagree with them.

Just look at what happened in Wisconsin after the 2014 elections when the voters there decisively ended decades upon decades of anti-gun rule in their state.

Just read this excerpt from the National Review Online:

[M]ultiple Wisconsin conservatives were awakened by a persistent pounding on the door, their houses were illuminated by floodlights, and police -- sometimes with guns drawn -- poured into their homes. Once inside, the investigators turned the private residences of these innocent conservative citizens “upside-down,” seeking an extraordinarily broad range of documents and information. These raids were supplemented by subpoenas that secured for investigators massive amounts of electronic information.

Why? What crime did these individuals commit?

None! They just supported the “wrong” candidate for governor!

That’s a perfect example of why your right to free speech, without being thrown on a government list the same way sex-offenders are is important.

And that’s why we won’t back down on any of these lawsuits.

To support our efforts, please click here and sign your “Endorsement of Litigation” right away!

And after I explain the stakes we’re facing right now, I am hoping you will also make a generous contribution after signing.

The truth is -- I have a great deal to update you on. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s bad . . .

Our case in West Virginia is beginning to wind down, but it’s still hanging out there and can be fired up at any time, especially since the Democrat Party still controls the Governor’s office.

But at this point, our most dangerous front is in Montana, especially considering the Democrat Governor has been a consistent enemy of free speech.

The good news in Montana is that our attorneys have turned the tables on them -- for now -- winning a temporary injunction in federal court against a ridiculous Montana election law.

But that temporary injunction is exactly what it sounds like, temporary.

The scheme we challenged in Montana gave election officials the power to force virtually anyone who wants to say anything about a politician during an election year to provide a never-ending supply of footnotes, citations, and disclaimers -- or face hefty fines.

It is clear that these schemes are nothing more than a way to stifle as much political speech as possible with a ball of bureaucratic red tape, so politicians never get called on the carpet for their betrayal of gun owners.

Depending on how things play out, this Montana case could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. And the stakes couldn’t be higher for Second Amendment supporters.

You see, privacy and liberty are inseparable.

Could you imagine what some of the violent George Soros-funded groups could do with the names of every supporter of causes they disagree with?

That is why we will challenge these assaults everywhere they come up.

For nearly two-and-a-half years, your National Association for Gun Rights has been embroiled in virtually non-stop legal action.

In fact, we recently filed a federal court challenge and are awaiting our suit -- showing that Colorado’s election laws are brazenly ILLEGAL -- to be heard in District Court.

The challenges in both Colorado and West Virginia came out of legal assaults waged against us by incensed anti-gun bureaucrats who were furious about the drubbing they received in the 2014 elections.

And it’s clear that the more we succeed in fighting back against the gun grabbers, the more of these legal assaults we will face.

That’s we must be ready NOW.

So please fill out your “Endorsement of Litigation” without delay!

And once you’re done, please consider making your most generous contribution of $50 to help fund our efforts.

I know that’s a lot, but I expect to have to raise at least $250,000 by the end of this month to truly be ready for a legal battle like this.

We don’t have billionaire financiers like George Soros or Michael Bloomberg, and quite frankly, that’s fine. I’d rather have good folks like you on my side than elitist billionaires.

But if $50 is just too much at this time, please consider $20 or even $10.

Fellow Patriot, we must fight back.

With the gun control crowd already talking about seizing control of BOTH houses of Congress in 2018, and then immediately impeaching the president, the gun grabbers are licking their chops at the thought of wiping us off the map.

After watching Hillary Clinton go down in defeat in 2016 -- along with the gun control crowd’s dream of effectively wiping the Second Amendment off the books in 2017 -- their goal is to shut us up, and shut us down during election years.

And they want to do it PERMANENTLY.

If we do nothing, they could very well succeed.

That’s why I’m coming to you for help -- and asking for your IMMEDIATE action.

Please sign your “Endorsement of Litigation” right away, and also consider making your most generous contribution of $50, $20, or at least $10 after signing!

Every dollar you can contribute to this battle will be counted as a sacred trust.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

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