Tuesday, 11 April 2017 15:01

NAGR Urges Legislature to Override Daugaard’s Veto

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Pierre, SD – Today, Governor Dennis Daugaard bowed to gun control interests and vetoed House Bill 1072, the South Dakota Constitutional Carry bill.

“The National Association for Gun Rights will not stand on the sidelines and give Governor Daugaard a pass on his betrayal of gun owners,” said Dudley Brown, President of NAGR. “South Dakota is on the verge of becoming the 12th state to adopt Constitutional Carry. Now is the time for local residents to mobilize and stand up for their Second Amendment rights.”

The South Dakota Legislature is expected to vote on an override of Governor Daugaard’s veto in the next couple weeks. If the Governor’s veto is overridden, House Bill 1072 will recognize the right of every law-abiding citizen in South Dakota to carry a firearm for self–defense without a government permit.

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