Woman tied and gagged turns tables on attacker
Friday, 06 January 2017 11:17

Woman tied and gagged turns tables on attacker

On Monday evening in North Carolina, a woman was walking home from work. As she approached her apartment, she passed a bystander carrying a trash bag, and thought nothing of it.

But just when she unlocked her apartment door, the man she had passed by suddenly sprang into action, grabbing her from behind, and shoving her inside the apartment.

As he held her in a vise-like grip, she realized he also had a gun.

While this woman was struggling to break free from this dangerous thug, he began choking and gagging her, demanding money from his victim.

He violently forced the woman into her bedroom, where he tied her hands behind her back with a belt and wrapped a phone charger around her mouth.

But while the thug searched the apartment, she wriggled loose from her bonds and grabbed the gun that she kept on a Bible by her bed.

All it took was one shot to stop and kill the attacker.

Later, authorities would tell the would-be victim that the aggressor was a felon with multiple convictions for burglary and other crimes. Our right to keep and bear arms saved her life from a repeat offender.

No charges have been filed against this woman.

Local news reports:

WILMINGTON -- Just before 11 p.m. Monday Kay Dickinson pulled into the lot at Colonial Parke Apartments after work. With her keys and a drink in one hand, her cell phone with her father on the line in the other, she climbed the stairs to her home. On the landing she passed a man carrying a trash bag.

Just as she unlocked her door to her apartment, the man spun around, grabbed her from behind and shoved her inside. She could see he had a gun.

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