Anti-gun Maryland Official Calls Gun Rights Activists "Terrorists"

March 15, 2019

While it’s no surprise to gun owners anywhere else in U.S., a government official in the anti-gun haven of Maryland publicly called on individuals to “dox” law-abiding gun owners.

For those unfamiliar with the term, to “dox” someone involves hacking into an individual’s personal records or computer files, and then purposefully publishing those files in an attempt to harass and damage someone’s life.

We’ve seen this happen before when a newspaper in New York State published the home addresses and interactive map of handgun permit owners.

And now, according to Fox News, Robbie Leonard, a Maryland Democrat Party official decided he would call for gun owners to be doxed in response to law-abiding gun owners and sheriffs who are resisting unjust and unconstitutional laws in Maryland.

“Maryland Democratic Party Secretary Robbie Leonard took to social media to post photos from a Maryland House Judiciary Committee meeting in late February, where gun rights activists wore “We Will Not Comply” shirts during the hearing on additional gun control measures, along with a message calling the advocates “homegrown terrorists” and calling on his followers to “dox” them.”1

Leonard took to Facebook and claimed that gun owners were “terrorists,” spewing hate filled messages that the FBI should investigate individuals for wearing t-shirts with pro-Second Amendment messages.

Clearly Mr. Leonard does not understand our right to free speech.

Maryland Democrats quickly tried to contain the ridiculous mess Leonard started, but gun owners across the nation have been mocking Maryland for their obscene gun control laws, as well as Leonard’s total disregard for our First,  Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights.

Stay tuned to for more gun rights news.



1Maryland Democratic official takes heat for calls to 'dox' gun rights activists, Fox News, March 12, 2019.

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