Sweeping Gun Control Expansion in Oregon?

April 4, 2019

As reported at KGW8, anti-gun Democrats are going all out in Oregon, introducing sweeping gun bills that are raising the ire of law-abiding gun owners in the state.

Gun rights supporters flooded the Capitol on Tuesday, April 2nd to voice their opposition to Senate Bill 978.

The 44 page bill contains numerous anti-gun provisions, including but not limited to:

  • Gun dealers may arbitrarily choose the age between 18 and 21 to sell a gun to a buyer.
  • Lock up your safety. When not carrying or using a gun, the firearm must have a trigger or cable and be kept in a secure container or kept in a secure gun room.
  • Make the victim of gun theft a criminal. The owner of a stolen firearm must report the loss to authorities within 72 hours. If the weapon is used to injure a person or damage property the owner is liable.
  • Local governments, Portland International Airport, colleges and schools can make their own rules amending concealed weapons permits.
  • Redefining a firearm to include components, specifically the unfinished frame or receiver that make up a firearm.
  • Creating, owning, importing or selling downloadable, untraceable firearms is a crime.

The Senate Judiciary committee is voting on this measure the week of April 8th.

Please contact the committee members (contact info found here under current membership) and urge them to vote against SB-978 and all other gun control bills they may consider.

To read more about this, click here: https://www.kgw.com/article/news/omnibus-senate-bill-calls-for-strict-oregon-gun-control-laws/283-74afc61c-7b16-4c19-9dda-e128124b23f2

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