Lindsey Graham: "Fringe of the Fringe" Oppose Gun Confiscation

April 17, 2019

After decades of working in the D.C. Swamp, it is safe to say “Republican” Senator Lindsey Graham has totally surrendered to the anti-gun establishment.

After holding a hearing in his own Senate Judiciary Committee on dangerous “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws, and then giving exclusive interviews to anti-gun media outlets like Buzzfeed News, Graham is now going all in by drafting a law to bribe states into passing new Gun Confiscation Laws with your tax dollars.

While on his self-congratulatory press tour, Graham proved he has not only sold out gun owners, but he is delusional to the fact that his constituents don’t want Gun Confiscation.

In a recent interview with McClatchy (read the full story here), Graham attacked NAGR and Dudley Brown for calling out his anti-gun legislation.

McClatchy reached out to Dudley Brown for comment.

“He might use his newfound connection to the president as a way to define himself, but that doesn’t hold any water with us,” “We don’t care if (Vice President) Mike Pence comes and does a fundraiser for him. On gun policy, Lindsey Graham is way to the left of his Republican constituents.”-Dudley Brown

“Calling Graham’s protection order proposal “bribery” and promising to write a check for any “pro-gun” Republican who challenges the senator in a primary, Brown was recently in Greenville to protest Graham’s efforts alongside State Rep. Jonathon Hill, R-Anderson.”-McClatchy

It is clear that Lindsey Graham has completely lost touch with his constituency and is not a friend to the American gun owner. Thankfully the National Association for Gun Rights remains ever vigilant when it comes to exposing anti-gun politicians and fighting to defend the Second Amendment.


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