Newsmax Talks "Red Flag" With NAGR President Dudley Brown

April 16, 2019

Dudley Brown speaks with Newsmax about the federal push for a national “Red Flag” gun law:

“Dudley Brown, a gun lobbyist, firearms instructor and president of the National Association for Gun Rights, a Colorado-based non-profit, tells Newsmax he sees a growing push back against stricter gun laws, adding, “…we are pouring gasoline on that backlash.” His organization is circulating a petition expressing opposition to Red Flag legislation.

Brown blames some Republicans as well as Democrats for the Red Flag trend, which he calls “one of the more egregious steps in the wrong direction.”

He says Sens. Graham and Rubio are “pushing it pretty hard,” and suggests states are being bribed to pass their own laws with the promise of getting federal money.” Published in Newsmax April 9, 2019. Read the full story here.

So-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws allow the government to seize legal firearms from law-abiding americans without due process. NAGR opposes all versions of this bill. Read more about these bills here.

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