Oklahoma Becomes the 14th Constitutional Carry State

February 28, 2019

Yesterday, the State Senate passed Constitutional Carry with a vote of 40-6, and sent the bill to Governor Stitt to sign into law.

And it never would have passed without grassroots activism.

From phone calls, emails, and petitions delivered to Oklahoma elected officials — constituents turned up the heat — and the politicians heard the message loud-and-clear!

Constitutional Carry was signed by Governor Kevin Stitt shortly after passing, making this the first bill he signed as Governor of Oklahoma.

While Constitutional Carry is a MAJOR state-level victory towards restoring Second Amendment rights, there’s still more that must be done.

Right now, pro-gun Capitol Carry, S.B. 38, is awaiting a hearing in the Oklahoma Senate Rules Committee.

Putting a clean Constitutional Carry bill on Governor Stitt’s desk was just the first step in restoring the Second Amendment.

This is the year for Second Amendment patriots, activists are on the march, and pro-gun supporters will keep winning after many years of fighting.


Pictured far left: Ryan Flugaur, NAGR Senior Political Director, attends the Constitutional Carry bill signing by Gov. Stitt on 2/27/2019

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