Presidential Candidates Who "Can't Keep Their Hands Off" Your Guns

April 8, 2019

As the 2020 Presidential election draws near, the pool of aspiring anti-gun Democratic Candidates continues to grow.

While the election of any of the current crop of Democrat hopefuls would pose a clear and present danger to the Second Amendment, two potential candidates have an exceptionally troubling history of attacking our right to keep and bear arms.

The first, is Former Vice President Joe Biden who for years has been unable to keep his hands off of your gun rights; among other things…

During the Obama years, Biden relentlessly campaigned for outright bans on common semi-automatic weapons, claiming “all you need is a double-barreled shotgun.”

As a Senator in the 1990’s, he voted for the Clinton Gun Ban and the Brady Act, two of the most extreme gun control bills in the history of the United States.

The second is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who dedicated his post mayoral career to using his nearly limitless funds to finance the most diabolical anti-gun organizations in the U.S. including his own pet project “Every town for Gun Safety.”

Although Bloomberg has not yet announced his candidacy, he has hinted that he will consider a Presidential run if Joe Biden decides to withdraw amid allegations of unwelcome touching. With his massive war chest and influence over the masses of anti-gun sheep from coast-to-coast a Bloomberg Presidential run will pose an extreme threat to our gun rights.

While Biden and Bloomberg have lengthy track records of fighting against the Second Amendment, many other candidates have anti-gun views that are equally extreme.

That is why it is critical every pro-gun American does their part in mobilizing against any anti-gun candidates, not only at the national level, but at the state and local levels. As always, a great way to do your part is by continuing to support the National Association for Gun Rights.



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