Twenty-Nine U.S. Senators Sponsor "Assault Weapons" Ban


That’s how many U.S. Senators have already added their names as sponsors to Dianne Feinstein’s outrageous so-called “assault weapons” ban (S.66).

That’s over a quarter of the entire U.S. Senate!

There’s no easy way to put this. Gun control is on the move.

Six years ago, National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters rose up and defeated President Obama’s entire gun control agenda, including this bill!

But I’m afraid Feinstein’s new bill could spark the foundation for a gun control “deal” this year beyond Obama’s wildest dreams.

The ignorantly-named “assault weapons” ban has now been filed in the Democrat-controlled House (H.R. 282) where Speaker Nancy Pelosi could be dangerously close to having the votes to pass it.

And most recently reported this week in Politico, a few weak-kneed Republicans are joining Pelosi’s gun control agenda by sponsoring it themselves.1

The time to gear up for the coming gun control showdown in Congress is NOW.

Please take a moment to sign your “No Gun Control, No Deals” petition.

The Second Amendment is facing the greatest threat from Congress since the Clinton-administration.

Every bit of support from members and supporters like you is needed to hold the line against Feinstein and Pelosi’s anti-gun agenda.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown


1 “Dems to push bill raising minimum age to buy assault-style weapons” Politico. 1/23/19
See also: H.R.282, H.R. 717 and S.66 116th Congress

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