Zach L. Meets with Rep. Massie to Discuss Defending Our Second Amendment

January 3, 2019

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) took time to meet with Zach Lautenschlager, NAGR Vice President, to discuss the gun control schemes Democrats are working toward in 2019. 

Massie listed universal background checks, red flag gun confiscation laws, and a ban on 3-D printing firearms among the list of likely proposals Democrats will be pushing for this year at the federal level.

“The reason I reconstituted the Second Amendment Caucus is to help inform Congress members so that their news source isn’t Twitter or MSNBC – we’re not repeating their talking points,” Massie said. 

“Instead of forming a Caucus where Congressmen sit around and try to convince each other they’re the smartest person in the room, I bring in people from outside, like Allan Gura, who won the Heller [v. District of Columbia] decision and McDonald [v. City of Chicago] decision in front of the Supreme Court, and John Lott, who has researched this and written books on these statistics.”

Universal Background Checks
Massie called universal background checks the opposite of effective and “a solution to a problem we don’t have.

“It’s already a crime to sell a firearm to somebody who is not legally allowed to own a firearm,” he said. “Whether you go through a background check or not, that is already a crime.”

Massie called the background check database “faulty” and “racially biased,” because minorities are more likely to share a surname with someone else who may have a criminal record.

Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws
Massie said red flag gun confiscation laws violate the Fourth Amendment.

“If you take somebody’s God-given rights because you think they might someday commit a crime, now we’re in the realm of dystopian science fiction movies,” Massie said. “Whether you’re an ardent defender of the Second Amendment or not, you should be concerned about the implications of the Fourth Amendment and due process. It’s a foundation of our country.”

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