America’s First and Only Gun Rights SuperPAC debuts TV ad


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NAGR’s new SuperPAC, Gun Rights America, made its debut with a TV commercial (video here) warning Kentucky Republicans about attorney Todd McMurtry’s anti-gun record as he tries to defeat pro-gun hero Congressman Thomas Massie (pic here credit as follows – Photo by NAGR

“McMurtry’s stance on the Second Amendment couldn’t be further from Thomas Massie’s, who’s been America’s backbone for gun rights since entering Congress in 2013” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights and Chairman of Gun Rights America SuperPAC.

Gun Rights America SuperPAC was formed just weeks ago, in a very unique role: Brown claims his SuperPAC is the nation’s first – and only – federal SuperPAC created solely to protect the Second Amendment.

“Gun owners need a way to play real hardball with anti-gun politicians,” said Brown, whose organization is based in Colorado. “Our supporters demanded we take the gloves off and expose knuckleheads like McMurtry.”

The group’s ad exposes McMurtry for running as a Republican, despite his long record of donating to radical anti-gun Democrat organizations such as ActBlue, a fundraising arm for gun control group Everytown. McMurtry also donated to Democrat Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and the Democrat Party of Kentucky.

Though there have been many federal PACs focused on the Second Amendment, there has never been a SuperPAC (independent expenditure committee) that directly acts for or against candidates for office based solely on firearms issues.

Unlike regular Political Action Committees, SuperPAC’s like Gun Rights America are allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money from individuals and corporations to fund hard-hitting programs for -- or against -- candidates for federal office. There is no limit on how much a SuperPAC can spend in support of its mission.

“For too long, we’ve been told to ‘play nice’ with politicians,” said Brown. “Gun Rights America takes the opposite approach, and its job is simple: defeat any candidate who schemes against our gun rights. It’s one more -- huge -- weapon in the arsenal of freedom.”

Gun Rights America is using direct mail, phone calls, digital ads, and radio ads to reach pro-gun activists and voters. “But we’re not stopping there,” says Brown. “Gun Rights America is going to take on Nancy Pelosi in the House and ensure that her vulnerable anti-gun members face serious challenges from true pro-gun allies.”

The National Association for Gun Rights is America's largest “no-compromise” pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members and supporters nationwide.



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