House Judiciary Committee Passes Universal Brady Registration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 14, 2019

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House Judiciary Committee Passes Universal Brady Registration


Washington D.C. – Late last night, the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 8, the universal Brady registration bill, on a party line vote of 23-15.

“While we are not surprised that anti-gun House Democrats passed such a heinous piece of gun control, law-abiding gun owners need to be ready for a long, drawn-out gun control battle in the days to come,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

H.R. 8 effectively bans law-abiding Americans from privately selling their firearms to close friends and neighbors unless they subject themselves to a universal Brady registration check.

Passed in 1993, the Brady law mandated that all firearms sold by federally licensed dealers must undergo a registration check in order to complete the sale. Private transactions were excluded from the Brady bill.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made passing gun control in the first 100 days of the new Congress a top legislative priority, and now Pelosi and the House Democrats have a seemingly clear pathway to bringing H.R. 8 to the House floor for a vote.

“Passing universal firearms registration has long been a priority for the anti-gunners. They were not satisfied with a partial registration bill and now they’re only a few steps away from passing the most substantial piece of gun control in over 20 years,” said Brown.

Pro-gun members of the House have already begun denouncing H.R. 8, siding with the National Association for Gun Rights.

“We oppose H.R. 8 in the strongest possible terms, and we will let our members and supporters know how each and every Member of Congress votes on this unconstitutional bill. We are ready to kill this bill in the U.S. Senate, just like we did back in 2013 when they tried to pass it during the Obama years,” said Brown.

The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation's second largest pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members and supporters nationwide.


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