NAGR Urges Amendments on Montana House Bill 102


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                                                         NAGR Urges Amendments on Montana House Bill 102

Montana’s Constitutional Carry legislation, House Bill 102, needs minor amendments to implement true Constitutional Carry across the state


Helena, MT – Montana is only a few steps away from passing permitless carry legislation in 2021, more commonly known as Constitutional Carry.

House Bill 102, which is receiving a public hearing on January 6th, not only addresses the issue of Constitutional Carry, but campus carry, and eliminating so-called “gun free” zones in Montana. Currently the bill has the support of the governor and leadership in the Montana Legislature.

However, language in House Bill 102 still demands that law-abiding citizens pay a tax and maintain a government permission slip to carry a firearm for their own protection in certain situations – which goes against the common standard for Constitutional Carry as seen across the country.

“As currently written, Constitutional Carry would prohibit Montanans from carrying a handgun in restaurants, Veterans or Fraternal Clubs, and golf courses as well as government buildings without first begging for government permission.” said Brenden Boudreau, Director of Field Operations for the National Association for Gun Rights. 

As practiced across the nation, true Constitutional Carry legislation contains no extra requirements to carry a handgun open or concealed. If you are not prohibited from possessing a handgun, you should not be prohibited from carrying it.

“A law-abiding person should not be required to disarm in order to eat dinner at a restaurant with their family. House Bill 102 must be crystal clear so that law abiding-citizens can confidently practice their right to keep and bear arms, without fear of mistakenly running afoul of the law,” concluded Boudreau.

NAGR is urging the Judiciary Committee to amend House Bill 102 and apply the Second Amendment right to bear arms equally to all law-abiding citizens. 

                    The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation’s largest “no compromise” pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members nationwide.


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