NAGR Urges Passage of Constitutional Carry in Utah


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                                               NAGR Urges Passage of Constitutional Carry in Utah

Utah’s Constitutional Carry legislation, House Bill 60, has the support of
                                            Governor Spencer Cox and numerous legislative leaders


Salt Lake City, UT –Utah is on its way to passing Constitutional Carry into law in 2021, and would join a rapidly expanding list of states passing this vital rights restoring legislation. 

House Bill 60, sponsored by Rep. Walt Brooks, has the potential to make Utah the next state to adopt Constitutional Carry – thereby upholding a standard set forth by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“Passing Constitutional Carry in Utah has been a priority for the National Association for Gun Rights for quite some time – and there’s no time better than the present to restore gun rights to all law-abiding Utahans,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that law-abiding citizens who are legally allowed to possess a handgun, should also be allowed to carry that handgun openly, or concealed, without having to pay a tax or obtain a government permit.

Passing Constitutional Carry will not abolish the concealed firearms permit system in Utah, and those wanting to obtain a permit for reciprocity with other states will still be able to do so.

Currently, 16 states have passed Constitutional Carry into law, and Utah could soon be the 17th state.

“We’re thankful Rep. Brooks has introduced this legislation and the National Association for Gun Rights field team are working diligently to make sure the legislature promptly passes this bill and puts on the desk of Governor Cox for him to sign into law.” said Brown.

NAGR is urging the House Judiciary Committee to pass House Bill 60 immediately, and are hoping the committee will also offer an amendment to the bill to allow for 18-20 year adults to exercise their gun rights under House Bill 60 as well. NAGR will not accept any amendments which weaken or compromise the integrity of the bill.

                 The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation’s largest “no compromise” pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members nationwide.


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