NAGR Urges Speaker Phalen to Send Constitutional Carry Bill to Gov. Abbott


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NAGR Urges Speaker Phalen to Send Constitutional Carry Bill to Gov. Abbott Without Delay
Texas would become 21st state to pass Constitutional Carry

Austin, TX – The National Association for Gun Rights celebrates the advancement of NAGR-backed Constitutional Carry (House Bill 1927) out of the Texas State Senate by a vote of 18-13. If signed by the governor, H.B. 1927 would make Texas the twenty-first state to remove the requirement for law-abiding citizens to obtain a government permission slip to carry a firearm.

“I want to personally thank our grassroots member activists and Texas Gun Rights for their years of hard work to get Constitutional Carry through the Texas legislature,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “Constitutional Carry is the gold standard for gun rights restoration, and Governor Abbott needs to sign HB 1927 into law immediately.”


State affiliate Texas Gun Rights has made the passage of Constitutional Carry one of its central missions.

“Constitutional Carry is an idea whose time has come. In all my years working in Texas, we haven’t had a shot as good as we have right now. But due to additional Senate amendments on HB 1927, House Speaker Dade Phalen must quickly advance the bill to Gov. Abbot’s desk. We are close to seeing final passage of the bill. but we can’t let up until Speaker Phalen gets the bill on Abbott’s desk.” said TXGR Executive Director Chris McNutt.


Gun rights restoration at the state and local level has long been a focus of NAGR – especially with anti-gun activists invading government offices in Washington, D.C.

“The Biden administration is relentlessly attacking the right to keep and bear arms. It is vitally important for states like Texas to step up and keep gun rights moving forward on the state level. Joe Biden and his gun control extremist pals are quite frankly ignorant when it comes to firearms and gun rights. Month after month, new gun and ammunition sales records are being set, with no end in sight. Millions are first time buyers and these people don’t want their gun rights screwed with.” said Brown.

The National Association for Gun Rights and Texas Gun Rights urge House Speaker Phalen and Governor Abbott to make Constitutional Carry the law in Texas immediately.

The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation's second largest pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members and supporters nationwide.



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