NFGR Announces Defense Fund for Kyle Rittenhouse

NAGR’s legal wing, the National Foundation for Gun Rights, is actively working to assist with the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse.


Please read NFGR’s full press release. To #defendkyle please visit NFGR’s defense fund page



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National Foundation for Gun Rights raising legal defense funds for Kyle Rittenhouse

NFGR Executive Director Dudley Brown urges pro-gun community to contribute to Kyle Rittenhouse legal defense fund

Loveland, CO – The National Foundation for Gun Rights declared today that it is raising money for the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man arrested in Illinois for defending himself and business owners from violent rioters in Kenosha, WI.

“We fully support law-abiding citizens and their right to defend themselves from violent Antifa thugs,” said Dudley Brown, Executive Director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights.

The 17 year old Rittenhouse was peacefully protesting while lawfully armed in Kenosha, WI when violent criminal rioters initiated an assault against him. Rittenhouse defended himself from one attacker, and then began retreating as to not instigate any violence. He was rapidly pursued by any angry mob of rioters, and tackled to the ground and beat with a skateboard. One rioter also drew a handgun on Rittenhouse.

Thankfully, Rittenhouse was able to maintain control of his firearm, and then proceeded to defend himself, and in the process, killed two violent attackers. Unfortunately, prosecutors in Illinois (where Mr. Rittenhouse resides with his mother) have arrested him and charged him with manslaughter.

“Kyle was doing his best to protect business owners from losing their entire livelihoods when criminal actors instigated violence against him. Unfortunately for them, Kyle was armed with an AR-15 and their rocks, skateboards, and handguns stood no chance against his well-placed shots,’ said Brown.

Mr. Rittenhouse is in jail in Illinois and is currently represented by a public defender. The National Foundation for Gun Rights is collecting donations for Kyle, and is in the process of connecting skilled Second Amendment attorneys with Mr. Rittenhouse so he can stand before the court well equipped.  

“We look forward to using the Foundation and its resources to defend Kyle in any way possible. It’s a sad day in America when anti-gun prosecutors want to throw a young man in jail for defending himself against violent attackers. When we say the Second Amendment is for lawful self-defense, we mean it. Maybe next time rioting thugs will think twice about squaring off against a patriot carrying an AR-15.” said Brown.

The National Foundation for Gun Rights is not formally representing Kyle Rittenhouse, but is seeking to use its resources to aide him during this tumultuous time.


The National Foundation for Gun Rights is the legal non-profit arm of the National Association for Gun Rights, and it dedicated to defending gun owners and standing up for the Second Amendment.



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