President Trump vows to remove the U.S. from the UN “Small Arms Treaty”

April 26, 2019


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Loveland, CO – Today, President Donald Trump vowed to remove the United States from the dangerous UN “Small Arms Treaty”.

Removing the signature of the U.S. from the treaty has been a top priority for the National Association for Gun Rights, and blocking Senate ratification of the treaty has been a key lobbying issue for nearly a decade.

“Since 2009, when Hillary Clinton announced our country would sign this international gun grab, NAGR has been on the leading edge fighting against it. No organization has fought harder or longer to oppose the U.N. Small Arms Treaty,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

In 2013, then Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty, and President Barack Obama sent it to the U.S. Senate to be ratified.

By delivering more than 5 million petitions to the Senate and White House against the treaty, NAGR members successfully stalled efforts in the Senate to ratify the treaty for six years.

“A large portion of credit goes to U.S. Senator Rand Paul and the millions of NAGR members who lobbied Congress against this insidious scheme to destroy the Second Amendment. Finally, a stake has been driven in the heart of this vampire.  Now, we just need the White House to strike funding for the treaty.” said Brown.

President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo must now send the treaty back to the UN, asking them to officially remove the United States as a signatory on the treaty.


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