Veterans and Social Security Gun Ban

Veterans and Social Security Gun Ban

NAGR’s Position: Oppose

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) struck an agreement in 1998 with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to begin forwarding the names of VA beneficiaries they accuse of being mentally incompetent due to their alleged inability to contract or manage their own affairs.

This determination is made based on the appointment of a fiduciary or designated payee to assist in managing certain, often complicated, financial affairs.

These records are maintained on the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and are used to deny gun sales when background checks are conducted.

To date, 260,381 veterans have lost their Second Amendment right to purchase — and presumably possess — a firearm without due process through a court of law.

The decision of a nameless, faceless bureaucrat, against which there is very little recourse, is simply unacceptable when it destroys any constitutional right.

The Veterans and Social Security Gun Bans are both striking examples of the underlying motivations of former President Obama and the anti-gun Left to strip Second Amendment rights from as many law-abiding Americans as possible, without trial, beginning with the largest classes of individuals.

The National Association for Gun Rights believes that no veteran, senior citizen, or other American should be denied their constitutionally protected right to bear arms without due process in a court of law and that no individual or group should become “prohibited persons” and lose their gun rights by the President’s executive fiat.


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