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Who We Are

National Association for Gun Rights is a 501(c)4 nonprofit that educates United States citizens on their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. We accept no compromises on the issue of gun control, and work tirelessly to engage our members and hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun views.

National Foundation for Gun Rights is the 501(c)3 legal defense arm of the National Association for Gun Rights and works to expand pro-gun precedents and defend gun owners. A tough-as-nails, no-compromise, pro-Second Amendment legal entity that is NOT afraid to fight.

National Association for Gun Rights’ Political Action Committee (PAC) is an NAGR-member backed fund which endorses and contributes money to political candidates who are committed to the fight against gun control, while also expanding and furthering Second Amendment rights and protections in the United States. (FEC ID #C00481200)

Gun Rights America Super PAC (Political Action Committee) is an independent expenditure committee – and the only Super PAC in America that works solely to promote Second Amendment rights. (FEC ID #C00742635)


How Your Support Helps Us

National Association for Gun Rights – Your membership, activism, and financial contributions go directly toward the fight to defend and restore our Second Amendment rights across the nation. Your support enables us to fight radical gun control and restore our gun rights.

National Foundation for Gun Rights– Every donation you make to our legal foundation is tax-deductible and enables us to fight for gun rights in the courts. Your donations fund our lawsuits against gun grabbers who dare to tread on our rights.

National Association for Gun Rights PAC – Our political action committee uses its funds to support the best pro-gun candidates and defeat those who seek to undermine the freedoms embodied in the Second Amendment. To learn more about the National Association for Gun Rights PAC, become an NAGR Member today!

Gun Rights America Super PAC – Unlike regular Political Action Committees, Super PACs like Gun Rights America are allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money from individuals and corporations to fund hard-hitting programs for — or against — candidates for federal office. There is no limit on how much a Super PAC can spend in support of its mission. When you support Gun Rights America Super PAC we can expose and help defeat anti-gun politicians.


How to Get Involved

Become a Frontline Defender Monthly Contributor – Frontline Defenders are modern-day Minutemen. They enable us to immediately respond to any attack on the Second Amendment.

Become a Member – We count on your yearly membership to stop gun control in its tracks. Join now or renew your membership

Donate – You can make a donation any time to help us reach more pro-gun patriots and fund critical programs.

Donate by Mail – Don’t want to donate online? Print out a donation form and mail it along with your contribution to P.O. Box 1776, Loveland, CO 80539.

Take Action – Fight the latest battle against gun control by signing a petition or contacting your legislators.

Find an Affiliate Group in Your State – Find out if your state has a National Association for Gun Rights affiliate that fights gun control in the state legislature. No state affiliate? No problem! We still fight gun control across the States.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for NFGR – Click the link to set up a Facebook fundraiser for our foundation.

Social Media – Get your friends involved in the fight! Become an advocate for the nation’s largest no-compromise gun rights organization. Follow us on social media and ask your pro-gun friends to follow us too.