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From The Desk of Dudley Brown


Mid-Term Election Recap

November 29, 2018

With the dust finally settling from Tuesday’s midterm elections, it’s evident we now have a divided Congress before us. Thanks in large part to your support for the programs of the National Association for Gun Rights and our affiliated PAC, pro-gun Republicans bolstered their numbers in the Senate where I made sure we targeted our limited resources.

However, there is little cause for celebration considering that anti-gun Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi reclaimed the House...and a few State Houses and Governors’ mansions were taken over by anti-gunners as well.[Read More]




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Arizona Mother Holds Intruder at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

February 15, 2019

An Arizona mother of two defended herself and her family from a violent criminal during a home invasion last week.

Because of her calmness in the face of danger -- and her nearby gun -- the woman was able to protect herself and her children from a likely violent ending. [Read More]



NAGR Thanks Senator Paul for His Vote Against Anti-Gun William Barr

February 14, 2019

Senator Paul (R-KY) has been a steadfast voice against William Barr’s nomination from day one, bringing to light many of the dangers an anti-gun Attorney General will have on our Constitutional Rights.

Most notably, he highlighted William Barr’s comments in favor of “Red Flag” laws currently being discussed in Congress -- showing support for outright gun confiscation [Read More]


Press Releases

House Judiciary Committee Passes Universal Brady Registration

February 14, 2019

Washington D.C. – Late last night, the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 8, the universal Brady registration bill, on a party line vote of 23-15.

“While we are not surprised that anti-gun House Democrats passed such a heinous piece of gun control, law-abiding gun owners need to be ready for a long, drawn-out gun control battle in the [Read More]