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From The Desk of Dudley Brown


Your Right to Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry is the basic principle that if you are legally eligible to purchase a firearm, you should be able to carry that weapon, concealed, for self-defense without government “permission."

Constitutional Carry laws recognize the right of every law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, on their person, without having to receive government permission in the form of a mandatory state-issued permit.

These laws affirm the nature of our individual God-given right to be armed, as codified in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which states:[Read More]




Press Releases | Gun Rights News



Didn’t Think You Needed an AR-15 for Self-Defense? Think Again.

November 8, 2019

Time and time again, gun grabbers try to justify their calls for AR-15 confiscation with one question: “why on earth do you need an AR-15 for self-defense?”

Setting aside the ridiculous notion that gun owners need to justify exercising their Second Amendment rights to anyone, AR-15’s have…[Read More]



Presidential Hopefuls Make 2019 the Year of Anti-gun Radicalism

November 11, 2019

Eric Swalwell and Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke each proposed radical gun control policies such as gun buybacks [Read More]



Democrats Want to Ban More Than Just "Assault Weapons"

November 5, 2019

It should come as no surprise to any gun owner who pays attention to the news that Leftists want to ban “scary-looking” AR-15’s or any other “assault weapon”.

It should also come as no surprise that they’ll do whatever they can to restrict gun rights as much as possible without anyone noticing. [Read More]