Colorado Democrats Push Sweeping Gun Control Laws

Colorado Democrats are pushing a gun control blitz this year, including a bill that would ban so-called “assault weapons.” 

Other bills that have been introduced would enact an 11% tax on gun and ammunition sales, increase standards for concealed handgun training classes, prohibiting gun owners from carrying in “sensitive” areas, such as parks, banks and college campuses. 

Colorado is under control of a Democratic trifecta, where both chambers and the Governor’s mansion are all presided over by Democrats.

The biggest gun control wish-list item of the Democrats is the “Assault Weapons” Ban — which has already passed the House Judiciary committee.

The ban is so broad, it would outlaw most rifles, shotguns, and even handguns, along with firearm accessories like a foregrip, adjustable stock, pistol grip, and barrel shroud.

National Association for Gun Rights state affiliate, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, organized a rally outside the Colorado Capitol on the day of the Judicary Hearing.

Taylor Rhodes, Executive Director of RMGO, testified before the committee:

“Let me be clear: if this bill is signed into law, before the ink is dry, I will file a lawsuit, I can promise you that.”

More than 600 gun rights supporters signed up to testify, but testimony was cut to 12 hours, leaving a few hundred voices unheard.

Read more at Fox News.


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