IL Attorney General Responds to Amy Coney Barrett on “Assault Weapons” Bans

On May 8th, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul responded to Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s request for comment, asking her to decline the petition for an order blocking the state from enforcing its unconstitutional “Assault Weapons” Ban.

The emergency petition from local gun store owner Robert Bevis and the National Association for Gun Rights asks the high court to step in to address the alleged failure of lower courts to abide by the legal framework established by the Bruen decision from last summer.

 The petition asks the Supreme Court to block the Illinois and Naperville semi-auto bans while the case is pending in the lower courts.

After the petition was filed, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett requested further response from the City of Naperville and State of Illinois.

Lawyers for the state of Illinois and the town of Naperville argued AR-15s are not protected by Second Amendment and therefore, the state’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” should stand.

Further, the state argues the Second Amendment provides no protection to “large-capacity magazines,” because they are not “arms.”

National Association for Gun Rights attorneys are preparing a rebuttal brief identifying the anti-gun attorneys’ spin, misstatements, and errors.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett has not yet indicated when she may rule on the petition.

Read more at the Cook County Record.

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