Dems in Congress pushing to add 200 new ATF agents

Washington, DC – Democrat Congresswoman and full-time anti-gun loon Sheila Jackson Lee just introduced H.R. 48, which would add an additional 200 ATF agents for the sole purpose of enforcing gun control. This is the same Sheila Jackson Lee who was gung-ho about defunding the police during the BLM riots. Then again, which Democrat politician isn’t a complete hypocrite?

Of course, Jackson Lee is a huge fan of law enforcement when their only job is to confiscate guns and threaten the Second Amendment rights of Americans. As if the ATF wasn’t bloated enough, Congresswoman Jackson Lee thinks they need another 200 taxpayer-funded agents.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but 200 new ATF agents will do nothing to keep people safe. Instead, they will only serve to terrorize law-abiding gun owners. As we see it, more ATF agents mean more blunders like Waco and Ruby Ridge. 

Recently the ATF has been focused on banning pistol braces and cracking down on homemade firearms. Who knows what Biden has his sights set on next, but more agents would empower him to come up with even more ridiculous policies.

If anything, Congress should be pulling the leash on the ATF – cutting their budgets, downsizing their departments, and enacting protections for law-abiding gun owners. Last Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a bill to eliminate the ATF entirely. Now that’s an idea we can get behind.

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