Gun Rights Are On The Ballot In Select States

Nov 1, 2022

An August poll found gun policy was the second-most important issue for voters polled going into the midterms. Now States are leaving it up to the voters to decide on November 8th.

Following a session where Congress handed President Biden the largest gun control package in nearly 30 years, some states are letting voters decide whether or not to protect the Second Amendment.

Perhaps the most prolific ballot issues on guns are taking place in Iowa and Oregon.

Amendment 1 in Iowa, known as the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment, would by-and-large, amend Iowa’s state constitution to include a section explicitly stating “any and all restrictions” on gun ownership will be “subject to strict scrutiny” by a court.

Currently, Iowa is only one of six states that don’t “guarantee a right to firearms” in their state constitution.

Conversely, Oregon has Initiative 17 on the ballot.

Known as the “Reduction of Gun Violence Act,” this measure would require prospective gun purchasers to qualify for permits before getting a gun. 

Initiative 17 also prohibits standard-capacity magazines and would require police to maintain a universal registry of all permit holders and firearms.

Read more at The Hill.

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